Polyolefin insulation with FM Approved. Warning FM Approved fake products and How to identify


       1.  FM Global

FM Global is an American mutual insurance company based in Johnston, Rhode Island, United States, with offices worldwide, that specializes in loss prevention services primarily to large corporations throughout the world in the Highly Protected Risk (HPR) property insurance market sector. “FM Global” is the communicative name of the company, whereas the legal name is “Factory Mutual Insurance Company”. FM Global has been named the “Best Property Insurer in the World” by Euromoney Magazine.


The company employs a non-traditional business model whereby risk and premiums are determined by engineering analysis as opposed to historically based actuarial calculations.This business approach is centered on the belief that property losses can be prevented or mitigated. FM Global engineering personnel regularly visit insured locations to evaluate hazards and recommend improvements to their property or work practices to reduce physical and financial risks if a loss occurs.

         2.  FM Approved

FM Approved is a third-party product certification scheme run by FM Approvals for building products, electrical and fire protection equipment. The rigorous certification and audit process applied by FM Approvals provides confidence for the marketplace to specify, use and approve FM Approved products.

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  • Thermobreak FM Approved Product Range


Various Thermobreak products have been evaluated through the FM Approvals process with the following Thermobreak products certified as FM Approved as of this bulletin date of publication:

Sheet Products

  • Thermobreak Sheet LS (Thai Sekisui Foam)

Tubular Products 

  • Thermobreak Tube No-Clad (Thai Sekisui Foam, Sekisui Pilon)
  • Thermobreak Tube LS-F (Thai Sekisui Foam, Sekisui Pilon)
  • Thermobreak Tube No-Clad-R (Thai Sekisui Foam)
  • Thermobreak Tube No-Clad-A (Thai Sekisui Foam)
    • FM Approved Marking Requirements

Be aware that for a product to be FM Approved:

  1. The product grade must be listed on the Approvalguide website (approvalguide.com) with accurate product description.
  2. The product itself must have the FM Approved mark printed on it.

Refer to the following link for further information on correct usage of FM Approved marking:


Examples of valid Approvalguide listings and product markings are shown on the following page.

Per FM Approvals Audit Report Form, “product is not considered FM Approved if shipped without the Approval Mark”.

An FM Approvals Certificate of Compliance is not valid without a current Approvalguide listing.

Example of Valid Approvalguide Listing image2

Example of Valid FM Approved Markings


  1. What to Look for When Specifying an FM Approved Insulation Product
    • Closely compare product being offered to that being described on the Approvalguide website, in Pipe and Duct Insulation (FM Approval Class Number 4924) Section. Do they describe the same product in the same form (sheet or tubular)? Is the product thickness/diameter within the range specified on the Approvalguide listing?


    • Do provide samples have FM Approved markings printed on them? Using stickers with FM Approved mark is not acceptable since the stickers can be removed.


    Note that the certification process for sheet and pre-formed tubular products involve different tests as detailed in the FM 4924 standard. An FM Approved insulation product in sheet form does not infer that the equivalent tubular product is also FM Approved, or vice versa.


    Examples of False FM Approved Claims

    • It is false for a manufacturer to claim or imply their products are FM Approved if there is no printing of FM Approved marking.
    • It is false for a manufacturer to claim or imply a tubular insulation product is FM Approved, based on an Approvalguide listing of an equivalent sheet product, or vice versa.


    • It is false for a manufacturer to claim or imply an insulation product with foil facing on one side (or no sides) is FM Approved, based on an Approvalguide listing describing an equivalent product with foil facings on all sides.


    • Enquiries

    If you require any further information, please consult your local distributor or contact us at:



    All FM Approvals’ certification marks are the sole property of FM Approvals LLC (“FM Approvals”) and are registered or the subject of applications for registration around the world.

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